Which browser should I use?

We recommend to use a recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. This site works with Internet Explorer 7 and 8, but we recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

How can I download and extract the zip files?

If you click with a current browser on the ZIP file, the computer begins to download the file. Normally, you must select the location for where you want to save the file. ("Save As ..."). Once the file is completely downloaded to the hard drive, you can open it by double-clicking. If there is no program on your computer to unzip the file, please download one of the following programs:

For Windows:
For Mac:

How do I download videos - and how I view them?

There is the possibility that you watch the video streamed directly in your browser. Just click the start symbol on the big thumbnail. Second option is to download the videos directly in different sizes and qualities to your hard drive to look at it without any time restriction. All you need is a video player which is probably installed by default on your computer. Otherwise, you can download the player here:

Windows Media Player: free Download
Quicktime for Mac: free Download

You can download the videos by clicking the correspong link. If this does not work for you, you can use another method:

Windows PC: "right click" -> "Save Target As"
Mac: "right click" or "click"+"CTRL" -> "Save Target as"

I can not log in - why?

To log in on the page in the members area, please click the above button "Login". It is important that you enter your login credentials exactly like you received it from the billing company. Pay attention to upper case and lower case.

Billing Support

If you have questions about billing or your subscription.

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Everything else

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